Build Update

Build Update 20200719

Sheathing is 99% done.  The windows for the loft and family room have been framed and cut.  Both doors have been framed and cut.  We ended the weekend halfway through the bathroom window.  We still have not decided on the exact layout for the kitchen windows so they are still pending.  As soon as they are framed and cut, we will be ordering the windows, ordering the doors, and flashing the sheathing.

At this point, we have agreed that this shop is not adequate for this type of project.  We are constantly squeeeeeezing past ladders on the sides.  We’re also knocking light fixtures and clocks off the walls along the way.  It’s also incredibly hot in there.  Although we have two large fans moving air, the building _is_ all metal.  If we do this again, we are going to be buying, building, or leasing a larger metal building so we are able to erect proper scaffolding and set up a proper shop environment around the perimeter.

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