Another Florida Property

Well, we scored another property … barely. Talk about having to fight off the competition… geesh!

This property is actually our _second_ undeveloped lot in northern Florida (near the pan handle). This one is 5 acres and 99% cleared. We actually had people in town introduce themselves because _they_ wanted this one and we beat them to it.

Whenever we talk about properties with someone, the popular question is: “What are you gonna do with it?” The short answer is: “Who knows?”

Well, we spent 20 years in Orlando and south Florida. So we know where we _don’t_ want to be. Orlando is great for an occasional trip, but it’s not somewhere we want to live. Both south and north Florida are much better options. We like properties that are close enough to a city to have them “on tap,” however we prefer to live in country settings.

More than likely we’ll build a house and workshop on the property. Not just yet, however. There are still several other locations we want to secure first.

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