Build Update

Insulation Complete

We are sooo glad that is over! Spray foam is, by far, the messiest and unpleasant job in the whole build. And, yes, we know it’s also quite costly.

Each bay had to be OVER-filled to achieve a perfect and complete fill. Since we only have 3.5″ of depth to work with, every inch counts. This meant filling each bay beyond that depth, shaving off the excess, and then repeating the process for any low spots.

Oh, and breathing this stuff in!?!? Wow! By the end of the process, we were using completely sealed face masks just to be able to see what we were doing. And, even with those, it still took several days for us to be able to breathe properly.

In the end, it was worth it. We achieved the highest possible R-rating for this space and basically created a Yeti cooler on wheels.

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